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Exclusive: Pierre Hayaert (Airbus) Interview

Posted by Space Team on Jun 15, 2021 10:18:15 AM

Pierre Hayaert is one of the Vimeet365 Space's ambassadors and is the Project Manager Airbus Defense & Space, Ground Systems France for Airbus. He shares his insights on the current developments in Airbus and how useful a Space Community will be for the Space industry.

1. Pierre, can you tell us more about your background and current role in Airbus?

I am an engineer with passion for space and innovation, so working in innovation at Airbus Defense and Space is a good fit for me. Before working in innovation, I held several roles such as software development; software management; profit center responsible; head of strategy and lead negotiator but my current role is the one I prefer. I get to work at the frontier between space, innovation … and sometimes science fiction. My current areas of focus are space, climate change, firefighting with satellites, quantum computing, brain machine interfaces and new ways of working after the Covid-19 pandemic.

2. Currently, what are the major areas of focus for Airbus in Aeronautics and Space applications?

The Covid-19 crisis has been challenging for Airbus. However, now that the worst seems to be behind us, the main focus is on taking the opportunity of this crisis to make Airbus a better place by also working in a smarter way. This puts innovation in the spotlight, and the Covid-19 crisis has created conditions where some innovations can be accelerated. This include creating and massively using digital collaboration platforms to accelerate innovation in the company!

3. Is it important to create awareness about the Space & Aeronautics Industry and what is the role of a company like Airbus in achieving that?

For me Airbus is a place where people who share a passion for planes, space, and engineering get an opportunity to change the world. I see Airbus’ role in leading some of those changes by proposing to our customers solutions to tackle world challenges. These challenges include reducing the carbon footprint of aviation and doing our part in fighting climate change, supporting research, exploration and science with new satellites and technologies and making the world a safer place, for example thanks to earth observation satellites and secure communications.

4. What is the importance of bringing together Space Industry leaders on a common platform and what role does the platform play in providing an environment for innovation and progress?

When you work in innovation, you have to come up with a lot of ideas to find a few good ones, which will become the new products or services in your portfolio. To come up with those new ideas, you have plenty of options. You can read research papers, attend physical or virtual conferences, read articles from industry journals, read science fiction books, talk with colleagues or meditate, among others. All those options require time and provide various results.
Exchanging virtually with experts and visionaries to explore cooperation is in my experience one of the really great ways to get results. Therefore I see that a platform which allows you to do that plays a key role for innovation today and in the future.

5. What are your expectations from the Space Community platform and what impact do you believe
it would have in creating new business opportunities within the Space Industry?

My vision is a platform where participant profiles are up to date and detailed, so that you can quickly and efficiently identify the best people to talk to on a specific topic. This could be a narrow topic, such as methane detector for space; or a much broader one, such as: How can an earth observation satellite do more for climate change? The important point for me is that an efficient matchmaking algorithm brings together people who share interests and could end up working together on new and exciting projects.

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