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Exclusive: Thomas Lazaridis (Partner & Investment Director – Space Ventures Investors) Interview

Thomas Lazaridis is one of our Vimeet365 Space Ambassador and is Partner & Investment Director with Space Ventures...

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Five unusual ways that Satellites are being used to improve the world we live in

Satellite has changed the world forever, enhancing lives with everything from broadcast TV, rapid global...

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Exclusive: Frank Salzgeber (ESA) Interview

Frank Salzgeber is one of the Vimeet365 Space's ambassadors and is the Head of Innovation and Ventures Office at the...

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Benchmark and Starfish Space team up to enable precision on-orbit services

The future of the space economy relies heavily on servicing infrastructure and vehicles that can make precision...

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Exclusive: Pierre Hayaert (Airbus) Interview

Pierre Hayaert is one of the Vimeet365 Space's ambassadors and is the Project Manager Airbus Defense & Space, Ground...

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How can AI improve Satcoms?

Artificial intelligence has caught the interest of businesses, government, defense, and the general public alike, each...

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Exclusive: Numa Isnard (Attorney-at-Lay, PH.D., SPACEAVOCAT) Interview

Numa Isnard is one of the Vimeet365 Space's ambassadors and is Attorney-at-Law with SPACEAVOCAT. He shares his insights...

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4G on the Moon

Since man first ventured to the Moon, communications technology has been brought with us and either returned home or...

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Gearing up for LEO

With more people than ever working from home in a drastic life-changing year, demand for high-speed, low-latency...

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Connecting Cars – The technology revolutionizing the road, and how it’s skirting the potholes

In the revolution of digitization endemic to industry 4.0, connecting our cars seems like one of the more obvious steps...

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